Tulsa Retina Consultants is committed to serve the community by providing our patients with the highest level of care in a compassionate, friendly and professional environment.

To do so, we pride ourselves on being accessible to you, our patients and our referring physicians at all times. It is our outspoken goal to deliver the best possible care to the community. We are actively pursuing ongoing education beyond the general requirements and train our staff according to the national standards and assure continued certification. We will make every attempt to fully explain your condition and the treatment options available to you and communicate with your other physicians. We will respect your decisions towards your care, and we will seek your active help in the recovery process.

Good health and eyesight require a team approach. We welcome you to our team: Tulsa Retina Consultants. Click below to learn more about our doctors:
Thomas Finley, MD
Justin Parschauer, DO
Alan Hromas, MD
Joaquin Tosi, MD
Stephanie Cooper, OD

Welcome to Our Practice

Tulsa Retina Consultants, board certified ophthalmologists treating macular degeneration, flashes and floaters, retina detachment and diabetic retinopathy in a compassionate caring environment.